Incumbent Julie Parrish has represented District 37, which includes Tualatin.

Republican state Rep. Julie Parrish's ambitions are often larger than her House district, but she still manages to represent her communities in an independent and empathetic fashion.

Her work ethic, policy knowledge and courage of conviction make Parrish a good match to continue representing House District 37, which encompasses West Linn and parts of Tualatin.

Parrish, a small business owner who lives in West Linn, has represented the district for almost eight years. In that time, we have watched her grow from a relatively green freshman legislator into a seasoned politician who knows the Salem ropes as well as anyone.

Her passion, when coupled with her deep understanding of certain issues, sometimes leads her down a lonely path. Such was the case with January's Ballot Measure 101, which was an attempt by Parrish to have Oregon voters rewrite a Medicaid funding bill that was approved over her objections during the 2017 legislative session. Parrish's critique of that bill wasn't entirely wrong, but the referendum measure she championed could have thrown the state into budget turmoil, and voters ultimately decided to leave the Legislature's decision intact.

One of Parrish's critiques of the health care bill was that it could open a backdoor to divert Medicaid dollars from their intended recipients. Although she lost the January election, her stance was an example of her attention to budget details as well has her insistence that access to health care be preserved for low-income families.

Likewise, Parrish has taken a strong stand against tolling freeways, because of the cost for working families and the fear that tolls will push people off the freeways and onto neighborhood streets. We don't fully agree with Parrish that tolls should be completely off the table, but we don't doubt the sincerity of her motivations.

Parrish's in-depth understanding of health care, transportation and state budgeting are assets well worth preserving in the Legislature, and they set her apart from her opponent in this race, Democrat Rachel Prusak. A nurse practitioner, Prusak has run a good campaign with an emphasis on health care, education and community livability.

Prusak, however, cannot match Parrish's on-the-job experience. Voters in House District 37 should return Julie Parrish to the Legislature.

— Pamplin Media Group

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