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The Times' mailbag is filling up with school board election letters. Check back next week for even more.

What happened to common courtesy?

Today while crossing Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway with the pedestrian light, I was not quite moving as fast as normal due to recent foot surgery. Really, I was just happy to be out and about.

As I was crossing, a gentleman was making a right-hand turn. Apparently even though I made it across in ample time, the driver took it upon himself to hurl insults and yell and scream at my wife and me with his displeasure of our walking pace.

The common sense, courtesy and human decency seems to have evaporated into thin air over the past several decades. My wife told me to just ignore it, because that's how everyone is in this day and age: It's all about them.

I like to have faith in the human race, and in my mind, there are still more decent people in the world versus non-decent. But one has to wonder after an encounter of being yelled and cursed at for crossing a busy highway in ample time.

James Maass, Beaverton

Hayes is well-rounded candidate for Sherwood School Board

There are several strong Sherwood School Board candidates in the May election. We will be well-served by studying the background, skills, and motivations of each candidate prior to casting our votes.

Janice Hayes stands out. Several key attributes distinguish her from others.

First, Janice has deep successful experience in multiple districts in other states, and in Oregon as well. As a former teacher and school leader, she understands the important factors that provide success for all students.

Second, Janice models character and integrity. In the last 13 years, I have personally observed her in multiple community settings. Whether school, business, nonprofit or faith-based organizations, she always brings wisdom and perspective to each conversation and decision. She is a steady, level-headed and thoughtful leader.

Finally, Janice is unique in her financial skillset. With many years of success in the financial advisory profession, she will bring a rigorous eye to school and district expenditures, insisting our best investments are focused on student learning experiences.

It is unusual to encounter a candidate with such a mature, extensive and well-equipped skill set, eager to serve our community's biggest investment, our children. I urge your vote in support of Janice Hayes.

Dan Jamison, Sherwood

In support of newcomers for Sherwood School Board

Sherwood School Board needs new voices. Duncan Nyang'oro and Krista Thorne are the best options to represent kids and families in our community. They both have kids in school, they both will listen to parents and community members.

Last summer, Pat Allen, current chairman of Sherwood School Board and also director of Oregon Health Authority, gave $145,000 of our CARES money to antifa rioters, saying they are vital to our community (according to PJ Media). CARES money is intended to help people suffering from COVID shutdowns, not people throwing super-spreader riots. This is not a responsible use of our tax dollars.

While Pat Allen is busy with Gov. Kate Brown's political priorities, he's neglected our kids. Duncan Nyang'oro is focused on what is happening here in Sherwood. Duncan is an auditor and will be mindful of how our tax dollars are spent.

Krista Thorne is a working mom who refuses to let our kids fall behind any longer. I trust her to shake up the complacency on the board.

Please join me in voting for Krista and Duncan. They care deeply about our kids and our community.

Peggy Stevens, Sherwood

Keep Pat Allen on the Sherwood School Board

Pat Allen loves Sherwood and proves it with his actions. He's inquisitive and analytic, weighing complex issues to develop and implement successful strategies. His talents and experience benefit our entire community.

For years, Pat provided invaluable direction to a legion of parents as vice president of marching band. His nightly emails, breaking down every detail of what our kids were going through at "Marching Band Camp" and how to help them prepare for the next day, were invaluable in helping us help our kids.

Pat even returned two years after his youngest had graduated to help put on a very profitable marching band competition, hosted by Sherwood Bands alumni, at Linfield University. All while overseeing Oregon's Department of Consumer and Business Services 9,000+ employees.

Suggesting Pat is too busy to effectively serve our schools, or that we should be deprived of his vast experience for new ideas is misguided. As Director of the OHA, there's no doubt he's busy, but his experiences have positioned him to be MORE of an asset to our community, not less.

Change for the sake of change makes no sense. I urge you: Retain Patrick Allen on the Sherwood School Board, Position 4.

Jeff Shipman, Sherwood

Grothe would bring positivity, passion, perspective to board

I think the Sherwood School Board this year has been presented a great opportunity to include a much-needed conservative voice to their ranks.

I don't generally get involved with local politics, but when I heard James Grothe would be running this year, I wanted to make sure that he received my vote.

I have worked with James for the last 15 years. I have seen firsthand his effective leadership to get a group of people with opposing views to come together for the collective good of everyone. His positive attitude is infectious. This quality is something that I think would benefit Sherwood to make it an even better place.

Getting to know him over the years has giving me some insight to his true character. He is a morally driven individual who is focused on making his community a better place. He has been active throughout Sherwood by coaching kids' soccer. He genuinely cares about Sherwood and is willing to do his part to see it succeed. I appreciate the fact that he is willing to let people know exactly where he stands.

Our community would be well served to add an individual like James Grothe to our school board.

John Diteman, Sherwood

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