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Tom Staskiewicz, general manager, Woodburn Estates & GolfSnow days look a little different now than they used to. Once, snow days were filled with sledding, skiing, shoveling the driveway and walking the dogs. Today, bad weather can be isolating and lonely. Maybe your neighbors are empty nesters or have moved away and the snow and ice makes it difficult to drive to visit.

In an active 55+ community, like Woodburn Estates & Golf, everything you need is right at your doorstep. On snowy days, you don't have to leave the grounds at all! Our on-site restaurant serves three meals a day, all week long. Our clubhouse offers amenities such as a library, a pool hall, puzzle table, fitness center, swimming pool and hot tub. Our weekly coffee hours and monthly activities like Pancake Breakfasts, Chili Cook-offs and Potato Bakes are a chance to socialize with your 55+ neighbors—all conveniently located close to your home!

If you're looking forward to reducing the endless chores of home maintenance and belonging to a community of like-minded neighbors with similar lifestyles, Woodburn Estates & Golf is the answer for you. Here, it's easy to cross the street for some flour or to chat over a cup of tea on a long winter afternoon.

As one new resident recently said, "We have looked and looked and can find nothing comparable for price, convenience and amenities from Seattle to San Francisco dedicated to the 55+ resident."

Banish cabin fever for good and come check out Woodburn Estates & Golf today!



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GOLF: 503.981.0189

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