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Brought to you by Tami Randel, Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER -

Tami Randel, Community Relations Director at Country Meadows VillageAs we discussed last month, many families choose retirement communities based on the appearance of the grounds and apartments. Amenities such as beautiful living spaces and exercise facilities are important to maintain your quality of life, but don't underestimate the impact of caring, dedicated staff!

At Country Meadows Village, your experience starts with our friendly front desk staff, who happily take on many mundane tasks. No more waiting around the house for packages to be delivered, or forgetting to check your voicemail. Our front desk will call taxis for you, screen phone calls, or provide recommendations for local stores, restaurants and operating hours. They also check in when you miss a meeting or meal.

Very few homeowners enjoy unclogging drains or shampooing rugs. That's why Country Meadows Village has a maintenance team that can handle all home adjustments and repairs, both big and small—if you have a high light bulb that needs to be changed, furniture that needs to be moved, or new electrical outlets near your bed. And finally, housekeepers and custodians take on the tasks of daily household cleaning and maintenance. Country Meadows Village staff washes all the linens, cleans your living spaces and takes out the trash every week.

You've spent years tidying up after yourselves and others. Take a load off at Country Meadows Village! To meet the staff that makes Country Meadows a wonderful place to live, work and visit, call 503-982-2221 today.


155 S. Evergreen Road, Woodburn


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