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According to the U.S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 11% of people with hearing impairment had depression, compared to 5% of the general population. Results show the significant association between hearing loss and depression in adults under the age of 70. Furthermore, as hearing impairment worsens, so does the severity of depression.

With hearing impairment, communication becomes difficult. As humans, communication is an integral part of our social construct. The word "communication" is from the Latin word "communicare" which means to share. Without the ability to hear, people can feel isolated in social settings, at work, and even interacting with family.

Hearing loss is a gradual process with many people denying or ignoring their impairment. They are often frustrated with people who they feel mumble their words. Moreover, hearing loss is degenerative, it will get worse over time. Hearing loss occurs in all ages and genders, it's not limited to seniors.

Hearing aids have shown to improve people's lives who live with hearing loss. They report positive developments in their social and work lives, feelings of self-confidence, a greater sense of safety, and an overall improvement with their relationships, including their sex life.

The best way to combat depression from hearing loss is to visit a hearing professional, today. Even if you feel your hearing impairment is minimal, a hearing test can be administered to determine your baseline. Over time, as your hearing changes, you will have a trusted hearing professional to consult with hearing aid options. Why wait?

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