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According to The Hearing Journal, the hearing health care landscape is changing rapidly, and for the better. In years past, senior patients with hearing loss were often told that their hearing loss was age-related and to live with it. Today, with estimations of over 360 million people living with hearing loss from the World Health Organization, ideas about "just live with it" are fading fast.

Hearing loss is a public health concern because of the associated health risks like depression, of which I spoke of last month. Moreover, hearing loss affects more than just the individual, family and community are impacted, too. Society is moving toward a hearing health care system which takes a larger view of people with hearing loss and providing them with a more defined treatment and includes an environmental context to mitigate how loss occurs.

Age-related hearing loss without a physical pathology doesn't have to be ignored. At Audio Hearing Services, there is no stigma, no shame, only a desire to improve your quality of life. Why should you have to live with hearing loss? Today, technology has vastly improved the quality of specialized hearing aids. We are here to serve you. Why wait?

Call Audio Hearing Services today to schedule an appointment. Life improves when you can hear the world around you.


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