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Yep! You read that correctly. We are fostering a piglet named Meadow and our residents are 'squealing' with delight at the little 'pork chop.'

Little Meadow was born June 17, and sadly rejected by her mother. With few options, her farmer was afraid that without help she wouldn't make it through the night, so we stepped in and rescued her. We will keep our piggy princess until the end of July when we will give her back to the farm so she can be adopted out to a forever home.

Our residents at Country Meadows Village are showering Meadow with 'hogs and kisses' while they care for her, and little Meadow is 'hamming it up!'

Seniors caring for a pet can be a rewarding experience. Studies show that seniors with pets have less stress and lowered cases of blood pressure, depression and loneliness. Moreover, many seniors have delightful memories of family pets, and Meadow has prompted numerous conversations between our residents of childhood memories growing up on farms and cherished pets.

For the brief time we have had Meadow, she has uplifted our community and brought a sense of purpose to her care. Our worthwhile cause to care for Meadow reminds us of the giving nature of seniors and their vast experiences during their lives. We have learned that pigs are peaceful and extraordinarily intelligent-smarter than toddlers, dogs, and some primates.

Who would have thought that Country Meadows Village would have fostered a piglet? Well, I guess 'when pigs fly…..'


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