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Cardiovascular diseases and hearing loss are two common ailments that seniors often face, but two recent studies show a correlation between the two that could impact how we treat patients.

One study, published in the January 2017 issue of Journal of Pediatrics, evaluated 348 children with congenital heart issues at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Researchers were surprised at the rate of hearing loss in children affected by heart ailments: infants who required open-heart surgery were 20 times more likely to have hearing loss, compared to only one percent in the general population without heart issues.

The results of the study are vital to understand the potential for early detection which can help mitigate hearing loss and maximize medical care. Moreover, parents and providers can better help a child who, through hearing loss, is not communicating properly.

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) reported that cardiovascular disease could actually be a contributor to hearing loss in adults. In one study, from BHI, results showed that 75 percent of seniors with heart failure have some degree of hearing loss, but only 16.3 percent of them wear hearing aids.

The take away from these impactful studies is early intervention for both adults and children. Early intervention is vital to helping patients receive proper treatment for both cardiovascular diseases and hearing loss.

At Audio Hearing Services we continue to educate ourselves about all aspects of hearing loss. If you have concerns about your hearing, call to schedule an appointment for a hearing test.


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