Brought to you by Tami Randel, Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER

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Retirement living, even in the best community, can be a transition for the senior you love. Family connections should not be underestimated; numerous studies show that family involvement enhances the emotional well-being of senior living residents.

Visit-At Country Meadows Village, we encourage family and friends to visit their seniors. WE LOVE YOUR VISITS! You are always welcome to attend our classes and groups. Play a round of bingo, watch a movie, or join them for dinner. Your senior will love showing you off to their friends. We even have classes that we set up with the family in mind, such as the Alzheimer's luncheon or the caregiver support group.

Call-A simple phone call reminds your loved one that you are thinking of them. If you live away from your loved one, consider setting up video chatting, like FaceTime or Skype. Many seniors look forward to the times they can see and talk to their children, grandkids, and friends who live elsewhere. Plus, it gives you a window into their life, too.

Remember-Does Mom love tulips? Send her a bouquet. Does Dad love Westerns? Send him some books or DVDs. Also consider setting up a Facebook account for your senior so that they may share, too.

At Country Meadows Village, your senior is having fun and making friends, but they'd like to share their new experiences with you. Effective partnership between us will help ensure quality of life.


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