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Sit up straight! Just the phrase alone reminds us of our parents or teachers constantly addressing our posture. And as always, the instance we stop thinking about our posture, we are slouched again. Do you think anything has changed since then? While you are reading this, think about how you are sitting. Everybody notices bad posture on someone else, but rarely do we see or feel it on ourselves.

According to Dr. Roger Sperry, a Nobel Prize winner for brain research; "90% of the brain's output is used to maintain the physical relationship of the body with gravity. With poor posture, less than 10% of the brain's output is available for thinking, metabolism or healing the body from illness."

Poor posture can leave you with chronically tense muscles, and contribute to the loss of vital lung capacity increasing fatigue, and reducing blood and oxygen to the brain. It causes limited range of motion, stiffness of joints, headaches, jaw pain, muscle pain, reduced mental alertness and work productivity. It also will premature aging, cause faulty digestion, constipation and back pain. It can reduce concentration, cause drowsiness, and contribute to poor attitudes. Since poor posture reduces blood flow to the brain, it can limit creative thinking and emotional control, slow down reaction time or magnify feelings of pain or helplessness.

Without correct posture, you can damage your spine with every movement, every step, and every exercise. Fitness advisors often overlook the importance of posture in an exercise program.

So let's solve the posture problem. One of the most important tools for poor posture is to get your spine adjusted by a chiropractor. Good posture ensures that your spine is aligned and your muscles and ligaments are balanced to work properly as nature intended. Good posture makes you look more attractive and affects your ability of your body's organs to function at peak efficiency. It also contributes to a normal function of your nervous system, let alone what it says of your self-image.

Almost everyone can avoid or reverse the problems caused by poor posture, at any age. There is no greater miracle in nature than the body's ability to heal and correct itself. By balancing postural distortions and reducing structural stress, the body is allowed to divert more energy towards healthy duties like digestion, immune function and brain activities.

Look at your family and friends for signs of poor posture. Is the head too far forward or looking down? Is one shoulder higher than the other? Are they leaning way back or hunched over the front? And what about you? What do you see? May I take a look?

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