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This statement is usually associated with belittlement or something derogatory. People often fear that their doctor will say; "It's all in your head." And they associate that statement with "I don't believe you." But it is not a belittling statement. It should not be associated with fear. It is a truly empowering statement when used correctly.

It is a fact that all living things are genetically designed to be healthy. The human species are born smart, strong and beautiful. We are programmed to be happy and successful. We have all the tools. There are no missing ingredients. And our thoughts are some of the most powerful tools we have available. Happiness, health, success; they all come from you, not to you. And it all starts in your head.

The human brain is way more complex than we can conceive. But what we do know is every message to and from the brain creates a domino effect to everything in our body. This includes our thoughts. A good thought creates a calm breathing pattern, better hormonal balance, relaxed muscle tone, proper digestion, increased happiness and improved attitude. A bad thought creates increased stress diverting energy from healthy functions and placing it to survival functions.

In order to think well we must have the ability to identify and choose healthy, positive, logical and ethical thoughts. Our thoughts lead to emotions. Our emotions lead to our attitude. Attitudes lead to behaviors. If the thoughts are mostly happy and positive, then the end result leads to happy and positive attitudes and behaviors. This improves the quality of health of our cells, organs and systems in our body.

As humans, we have free will and self-responsibility to choose our thoughts and the beliefs we adopt. The quality of the thoughts and beliefs we choose determine the quality of the emotions, attitudes and behaviors we express. This determines the level of health, happiness and quality of life that we experience.

But this doesn't just happen with a wish. Just like any other action we desire to improve, it requires us to work at it. And it is not always easy. As life gets in the way, we find ourselves reacting negatively to one stimulus and allowing that to influence our reactions to the next. We must continue working and improving the choice of our thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself these questions:

-Are you satisfied with your current level of health, happiness and quality of life?

-Are you consciously aware of your thought, belief, and behavior pattern choices and the effects they are having on your health, happiness and quality of life?

Health and happiness are all in your head. Let them out and play. I can lead the way.

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