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The start of the holiday season is usually joyous and a time of gratitude, family and celebration. Unfortunately it can be filled with stress and tension lasting for weeks. But this message is focusing on the gratitude aspect. While driving home the other night, I came across a terrible crash that did not look like anyone could have lived through it. Tears filled my eyes realizing that the driver of that truck was not going to celebrate holidays with their family this year.

That thought made me recognize the need to find gratitude for all the little things in my life. Many of us (me included) get down, or stressed or even upset for relatively small negatives we experience, when others around us deal with major negatives all the time. But instead of comparing my life to others and focusing on the bad I don't have, I think it is more important to focus on the good that I do.

This year I am not just focusing on the good in my life, but on being good for all of life. These are my action steps, which happen to be the same advice I gave my son and his new bride on their

wedding day.

--Be Honest. With yourself and others. This is the foundation of every relationship and without it nothing can be as strong.

-- Be Kind. In conversations, it is more important to be kind than to be right. And little acts for some can make their whole day better.

-- Be Generous. Many of us have more than we need of a lot of things. And we will never run out of love. So give out of your abundance whenever you can.

-- Be Hard Working. This goes way beyond jobs and careers. This is an effort to improve relationships, society and this world. This benefits ourselves, our families and everyone in the future that we've borrowed this earth from.

--Be Tolerant. This one act can improve the lives of everyone in this world. If I have the right to believe in something, then everyone has the right to believe in something. If I have the right to do something, then everyone has the right to do something. By recognizing each other's rights, we have the basic human understanding that we are all the same, regardless of race, religion, social status, culture, orientation, etc. We can disagree and still love one another.

I wish you all the very best experiences with your loved ones. And hopefully your group of loved ones will continue to grow with just a few easy steps to get you started. Happy Holidays Dr. Dan

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