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Research has concluded that the body's reaction to stress is responsible for virtually all chronic illnesses. Most people view stress as a mental state responding to an emotional event. But stress is literally anything toxic (too much of a bad thing) or anything deficient (not enough of an essential thing) that our body is exposed to: physically, chemically or mentally.

When the stress remains, the systems within the body must adapt and change. Over a period of time the adapted systems create changes in the physiology (the way the body works). Eventually leading to functions that are no longer considered within a normal range and concluded with a label (disease). The modern medical belief is to wait until we get something (disease) and then we can take something (medicine) to regulate the symptom and manage the disease.

Unfortunately this usually creates additional stress (chemical toxicity of medication) and only allows the patient to live with that disease longer. The patient feels they are healthy because their symptom is managed, but the body continues to decline from chronic stressors. This is not a healthy lifestyle. There can be a better way to live. By learning 3 easy steps, stress can be managed and health can improve naturally. This is too much information to teach these steps in a brief article.

So join me for a 2-Hour presentation, Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:30 PM. The class will be held at the Woodburn Fire Station, 1776 Newberg Hwy. There is no charge for admission and those present will receive offers to help jump-start their health for the new year. Please join us and regain control of your life

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