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You can't go anywhere currently without hearing or seeing the fears and effects of the coronavirus. The store shelves that contain anti-bacteria products are empty, and some people are loading up for the next apocalypse. And there is a lot of advice on what to do to prevent it, which adds to the panic and stress around the world. So, let's look at the body's natural immune system and how it works.The immune system is divided into two main components based on different cell types: innate immunity and adaptive or acquired immunity. The innate immunity is like foot soldiers making up the rapid, first line of defense. If they are successful then there is no need to call upon the more sophisticated acquired immunity - the second, more powerful, more specific line of defense. If the innate immune response is not successful, it will signal the acquired immune system to mount a more robust defense.

We are exposed to viruses all the time. We don't always become symptomatic because our innate immune systems, when fully functioning, kill the viruses without the need for full activation of our acquired immune system - which would make us symptomatic. It is not the virus that gives us a runny nose and fever, these are strategies used by our acquired immune system to expel and kill viruses. Cold and flu medications may make you feel better, but they do so by weakening your immune defenses.

Because the influenza viruses, rhinovirus and coronavirus, change each year, the antibodies our acquired immune system creates against these viruses in one year are not able to be used to fight the different strain of the virus the following year. One solution is to try and guess what vaccine to provide each year, which is usually wrong according to the CDC, yet they continue to suggest it.

Let's ask better questions: How do millions of people get exposed to the influenza and cold viruses every year and not get sick? Their immune systems successfully defend them against these viruses without antibodies. Why do most people, other than those with pre-existing health conditions, recover from the flu without serious health complications? They have better immune function than those with pre-existing conditions. So, what shall we do?

We need to become an unpleasant host for the virus. Eat well and supplement Omega-3 and Vitamin D. Get adequate rest. Stay hydrated. Exercise regularly. Wash your hands. Keep positive thoughts. And get chiropractic adjustments. All of these are shown to boost immune system function. Don't wait to get sick. Your immune system is working now so help it become better. See you soon

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