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Last year's fire season was traumatic, to say the least. Many of us learned about evacuation levels, escape routes, wildland firefighting practices, and the ability of a wildfire to spread rapidly, even the ability to jump a river. We listened for breaking news updates on our phones and computers, searched fire lines and the miles to our homes and scrolled through air quality and wind direction apps. But what about our most vulnerable populations who aren't savvy to finding the latest updates?

During the 2020 fires in Oregon, staff at Country Meadows Village stayed on top of all the fire information from different sources and formulated an evacuation plan should the evacuation level change. With this knowledge, we were able to inform our residents and assure them we were doing the worrying for them. We were never in danger, and we didn't need to evacuate, but had the need arise, we were ready.

It's now fire season and again, we will monitor the fire situation. Like the Covid-19 pandemic, we will learn how to best protect our residents to our ability and implement safe strategies for their well-being and their family's comfort. In our senior community, we look out for one another in times of stress and provide a level of security many seniors don't have when living on their own.

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