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About 20 years ago, I started my career in the senior-living industry as an activities assistant in Canby. From there, I worked in marketing and became a traveling administrator, but marketing held my passion.

I feel fortunate to work in the retirement industry because I love seniors and find it rewarding to help them find the perfect place to call home when they are ready. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and if we listen, we can learn so much. Many love to share their life experiences and accomplishments and I have met numerous amazing seniors in my career!

I once met a gentleman who loved to fish, like I do. He taught me to fish for Kokanee salmon and I was so interested that he taught me how to make my own fishing lures and had me watching fishing videos. I went into work one day in my truck with the boat and knocked on his door. "Come on Ron I'm not working today we are going fishing!" His face lit up! He couldn't get ready fast enough.  It was an excellent day and boy did we catch a bunch of fish! It's days like this that inspire me to connect with the seniors I serve.

I'm happiest on the beach picking up agates and driftwood, crabbing and fishing with my husband William, our three grown boys or our four grandchildren. I moved from Birmingham, UK a few years ago and love working at Country Meadows Village.

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