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We hear ALL THE TIME from our residents how living at Country Meadows Village makes their lives easier, especially not having to meal plan, grocery shop and cook. Moreover, our residents are eating well because our dining staff LOVE feeding our seniors.

Executive Chef Slava Shypuk has an extensive background in European-style cooking that he calls "delicious and healthy at the same time." Slava considers dietary restrictions and resident feedback to plan meals for the community.

"As a chef at Country Meadows Village, I don't focus on making a menu and ignoring other duties," Slava explained. "I take opportunities to learn every day because there is always something new to learn. This also doesn't just mean to cooking because I have employees to oversee and it's important to show them the passion within me to cook. I strive to set a great example to every cook and chef."

Because of Slava's mission, residents love the variety of meals and look forward to the daily specials, weekly catches, and unique salads.

"My favorite part of being executive chef at CMV is the ability to be creative and to create dishes that change every day. This is obviously a lot harder during the pandemic crisis because there's lots of shortage in food and staff, but other than this challenge I love everything about being a chef at Country Meadows Village," Slava said.

Stop by Country Meadows Village today where you too can appreciate Slava's cooking philosophy and culinary talents.


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