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This article brought to you by Julie Nightingale - Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER - sponsored content

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At Country Meadows Village, we love reading too. To facilitate our seniors' reading habits, we have a library in both our Assisted Living and Independent Living buildings, and we provide newspapers in the libraries, too. It's a joy to see our residents exploring the bookshelves and talking about books with one another. We even have a monthly book club.


We could read just for enjoyment, but there are cognitive benefits to reading as well! It's widely known that consistent reading strengthens connections in the brain while improving memory and concentration. Reading also heightens brain activity creating more white matter, let's readers experience actions in a book, increases capacity for a working memory and expands attention span. All ways to fight off age-related cognitive decline!


Best part is it doesn't matter if you're reading a classic novel, fluff, the news, or a cereal box, reading really does make you smarter.


When we read, our brain is running several processes simultaneously: word analysis, auditory detection, vocalization, and visualization. Imagine all that together in the few moments it takes to read a sentence. It's like magic and more impressive than walking and chewing gum at the same time.


Our rainy Pacific Northwest days are perfect for curling up with a book and at Country Meadows Village, we cherish our readers. It's special to see cherished grandchildren visit and sit on a resident's lap reading a book together.


Call today to schedule a tour and let us show you our library and community of readers.


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