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This article brought to you by Julie Nightingale - Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER - sponsored content

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Where would we be without our friends? As we age, our children grow up and move out. They start their own families and careers — their lives are busy like ours once were. Our friends may change over time, but their value in our lives cannot be understated!

Friendship abounds at Country Meadows Village. On occasion, long-time friends will move to our community to stay close, but more often, we watch lovely friendships blossom each day in our shared spaces. Sometimes there's even romance. Daily we hear chatting and laughter, the sharing of stories, and the conversations that connect us to one another. But friendship has a direct impact on your health, too.

Dynamic friendships decrease isolation and depression in seniors. Having friends helps people bounce back from illness quicker and strengthens cognitive skills. It's true! Improved overall happiness and wellbeing are also benefits.

At Country Meadows Village, our friends look out for one another. If a resident is ailing, we rally together to comfort them; if a resident is sad, we help cheer them up; if a resident has wonderful news, we rush to celebrate with them. It's what friends do. There's a comfort knowing your friends are right next door to help you when you need it and will listen. Plus birthdays and holidays are special together and our calendar of events provides ample opportunity for socializing.

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