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This article brought to you by Julie Nightingale - Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER - sponsored content

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While the idea of moving to an awesome senior living community like Country Meadows Village sounds ideal to many seniors, some may find the idea of downsizing stressful. But it is important to appreciate your belongings, not live for them.

When residents move into our "Village" they are often surprised how free they feel! They have less responsibility. Less to clean, less to manage, less to keep up. Instead, our residents have MORE! More time to play, more time to enjoy life, more time to do the things they want to do.

Our spacious units allow residents to showcase their cherished belongings and share them with us all. Many are proud collectors — it's impressive! Downsizing to CMV doesn't mean leaving all the things you love, instead contemplate what you really need and bring those things that make you happy. You may find that without too much stuff, you can take the time to appreciate your cherished belongings.

If you have family and friends willing to help, downsizing can be fun! Start small, one room at a time. Have three piles: Keep, Toss, Gift. As you work through, enjoy the memories that come and share them with your guests. You'll be surprised how many times you say, "I haven't seen this in so long…"

Are you curious about downsizing and retirement living at Country Meadows Village? Stop by today and let us give you a tour where you can talk with our residents about living with less stuff and MORE life!


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