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This article brought to you by Julie Nightingale - Community Relations Director at Country Meadows Village - Assisted Living and Independent Living INSIDER - sponsored content

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It took two years, but we have passed the hard part of the pandemic. During the isolation we learned that we wanted to be together, to hug one another and see each other smile.

Don't forget.

Today, many of us are returning to our busy lives with filled calendars and lots of plans. Seniors still simply want to be together and stay connected. With long lives to remember, they sometimes long for the days of filled homes with loud children and endless tasks. They long for the deep conversations that would happen in magical moments. And they long for the connections they once took for granted.

Call your parents, stop by and see your grandparents. Bring the kids. Stay for coffee.

Every day we have a family visitor, our residents perk up. If their family is staying for lunch, it's a big deal. They want to show you off, you are their greatest accomplishment, and they are proud of you. If you can't stop in for a visit, call, Zoom, text or write a letter.

At Country Meadows Village family and friends are welcome! We have numerous areas to visit outside of individual apartments including outdoor seating, dining, the library, the living room, TV room and more. Come by at happy hour after work and enjoy a beer with your dad or on a Saturday morning for coffee with mom. We are happy to see you!


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