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Matt Geiger, of Woodburn, has filed to run for state representative of Oregon House District 22 on the Independent Party ticket next year.

Geiger, who ran as a Republican against Rep. Betty Komp (D-Woodburn) in 2014, said his first campaign taught him much about the needs of his community.

“What became clear with every door I knocked on in 2014 was that people are sick and tired of partisan politics,” Geiger said in a press release. “District 22 is rich in diversity and needs a candidate who can cross party lines to work on education, create jobs and make government more accountable to ordinary citizens.”

Geiger, a self-employed insurance agent, has a strong record of community involvement. He has been selected to represent the Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce as its president for a second term. He is also in his fourth year of coaching football at Woodburn High School.

Geiger believes the Legislature has continued to ignore the link between education and the health of the business community.

“The workforce development needs in Marion County are not being properly accounted for in Salem,” Geiger explained. “By failing to connect students to a skills-based education that can lead to a family-wage job, our businesses will stumble for lack of an educated workforce. We have to break down the barriers in education that are preventing kids from finding a career path where they can be successful.”

In the release, Geiger also called attention to the last legislative session, saying Komp supported an anti-business agenda that he believes will drive up business costs, which will be passed off to customers.

“Rep. Komp sent out mailers to our neighbors saying she’d support small businesses. Yet she voted in favor of the Low Carbon Fuel Standards Bill, the same failed program that has driven average gas prices in neighboring California to more than $1 per gallon higher than the national average,” Geiger said.

Recent national polls have indicated a high level of distrust and frustration among all voters toward government. Geiger said he shares those frustrations and says he will promote government accountability, transparency and campaign finance reform in Salem.

“Last session, Democratic Party leaders who are in charge of both legislative chambers had the opportunity to make inroads to restore people’s trust in government,” Geiger said. “Many bills addressing the lack of transparency and government ethics reforms were put forward and endorsed by the Independent Party, the Progressive Party and the Republican Party.”

However, these bills were ignored, he said, alleging that majority Democrats preferred to “support the status quo.”

“Oregonians deserve accountability for how their tax dollars are used, and elections that are transparent and fair,” Geiger said. “There is no excuse for failing to pass bills that were supported across a variety of political parties.”

Geiger has lived in Woodburn for over a decade with his wife Kim.

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