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There may be fewer contestants this year, but the annual Mr. and Miss Gervais Pageant is once again ready to pack the house at Gervais High School for a night of entertainment to help raise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Eight GHS seniors — four boys and four girls — have been raising money for Kids Making Miracles and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for months while holding late-night practices after school in preparation of the March 12 event.

The students, selected by the high school staff, are the best and brightest choices for representing the school, working for months to raise thousands of dollars for charity.

The annual event began 16 years ago when Gervais sophomore Jovita Reyes passed away of leukemia on Thanksgiving Day in 2000.

Reyes was a patient at Doernbecher, and the school decided to begin the pageant in her memory to help raise money for the hospital.

Since then, Gervais has raised nearly $180,000 for Doernbecher’s, including $13,434.30 at last year’s pageant.

This year, the participants have been paired down to eight to accomodate coordinator/adviser Deb Holum, who is filling the place of two after the departure of long-time head coordinator Terry Witter.

Each contestant will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on several criteria, including how much money they have raised, public speaking and a talent exhibition.

In between, contestants will participate in group song and dance numbers and be showcased in a slideshow.

To donate toward the cause, make a check out to Gervais High School with the name of any of the students below. Other ways to donate include giving to donation jars, which have been set up at businesses around the area, or in donation jars at the pageant. Checks can also be mailed to: Mr. and Miss Gervais Pageant, P.O. Box 195, Gervais, OR 97026.

Meet the contestants

Caitlin Davidson SUBMITTED - Caitlin Davidson

Parents: Frank and Veronica Davidson

Favorite subjects: math, English, P.E.

Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, track, softball

Talents: sports, funny, awesome student, people person

Why are you involved in pageant? There are many reasons why, but the main reason is to help kids and change someone’s life in a little way.

Fundraising plans: I have sent out letters to all my family and friends. I also have done a bake sale. I will also be doing can drives (To help, cans can be dropped off at Gervais High?School).

Tiana Jaramillo SUBMITTED - Tiana Jaramillo

Parents: Pablo and Christina Jaramillo

Favorite subjects: Veterinary science, senior survey, strength and conditioning

Extracurricular activities: Basketball, volleyball, softball, boys basketball stats, NHS treasurer, FFA reporter

Talents: I’m great at being clumsy

Why are you involved in pageant? This pageant is for the kids in need, and that’s all I’m here for, to raise money for children. Many of my friends and family members have been patients at Doernbecher, and I owe it to the hospital and staff for everything they have done to help the patients.

Fundraising plans: I plan to continuously send out letters to friends and family members, along with local businesses, and place donation jars at some of the businesses. I will do simple tasks to raise as much money as possible, raffling items and carrying my donation box around with me.

Guadalupe Lopez Montesinos SUBMITTED - Lupe Lopez

Parents: Benjamin and Maribel Lopez

Favorite subjects: Medical terminology, math, science, leadership

Extracurricular activities: National Honor Society, Doernbecher, softball, church catechist, ASB vice president, faith formation activities director, Bauman’s Farm volunteer/coordinator, president for Pathways to Healthcare Career

Talents: Colorful, dancing, baking, leadership, helping people, great with kids, smiling/laughing

Why are you involved in pageant? I feel extremely lucky to be part of this because I get to raise money for kids who need the support. I want to work with kids in the future.

Fundraising plans: I have sent out letters, done a cake sale, raffle for a restaurant certificate and set donation jars in stores around Woodburn.

Anastasia Snegirev COURTESY PHOTO - Anastasia Snegirev

Parents: Matena and Arsenii Snegirev

Favorite subjects: Government, choir

Extracurricular activities: Doernbecher Pageant, ASB president, work at Jamba Juice, fundraising for different organizations, singing/vocal lessons, dance, Bauman Farms, National Honor Society

Talents: Leadership, working with others or part of a team, singing, writing songs

Why are you involved in pageant? I feel honored to be a part of this pageant because it is for such an amazing cause. Working as a team to help raise funds for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is an amazing opportunity to help others.

Fundraising plans: Sending letters to businesses and to everyone I know, as well as setting out donation buckets at local businesses to try to raise money. I also had a concert in which all proceeds go to Doernbecher.

Jose Esquivel SUBMITTED - Jose Esquivel

Parents: Jose Esquivel and Andrea Barrera

Favorite subjects: Math, strength and conditioning

Extracurricular activities: National Honor Society, traveling basketball team, family activities

Talents: Athlete, creative, leader

Why are you involved in pageant? I want to be involved because it’s for a good cause. I am happy to be part of a community-wide fundraiser to support kids and families who are struggling with tragedy or the painful fact that childhood illness can affect anyone.

Fundraising plans: My fundraiser plans started in early January with almost 300 letters to friends, family and businesses to help support me. I also had a successful raffle of a $100 gift card to Dutch Bros., which was donated.

Brad Morris COURTESY PHOTO - Brad Morris

Parents: Mike and Chanell Goodall

Favorite subjects: Calculus, physics and choir

Extracurricular activities: Church, church choir, football, family and studying

Talents: Singing, playing the baritone, French and drawing

Why are you involved in pageant? I wanted to be involved because Doernbecher Children’s Hospital saved my baby sister’s life. There is nothing I could ever do to thank them, so I wanted to help make sure they keep saving lives.

Fundraising plans: I am sending out letters to staff at other schools that I have gone to, and I will soon be raffling off a gift basket.

Eugeni Snegirev SUBMITTED - Eugeni Snegirev

Parents: Anfim and Fetina Snegirev

Favorite subjects: Tech, calculus, robotics

Extracurricular activities: puzzles, fishing, taking electronics apart, building houses, vacuuming the house (when my mom tells me), NHS

Talents: Voice impressions, singing, cooking, fixing electronics

Why are you involved in pageant? My sister had a horrific accident involving a 2 ton combine, and was near death after it ran her over. She got placed in the ICU at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Doernbecher helped cure my sister to good health and I want to help raise money so they can cure other kids alike.

Fundraising plans: Letters to businesses, fundraising buckets at school, fundraising jar in stores.

Sevy Toran SUBMITTED - Sevy Toran

Parents: Sly and Maria Toran

Favorite subjects: Science, P.E.

Extracurricular activities: Basketball, Doernbecher, volleyball, family activities, work, Netflix

Talents: Athlete, cat whisperer, I can make sushi

Why are you involved in pageant? I want to make a difference. I’ve been involved and have seen it being done so when I got elected I now have the opportunity to raise a lot of money. Hopefully I will keep trying and help many kids.

Fundraising plans: I have coin jars in some places like Dutch Bros. and more to come. I am sending out donation letters. I will be selling food for donations as well.

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