The following are teachers and classified staff members in Woodburn, North Marion and Gervais school districts who are retiring at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Woodburn School District

• Karen Anderson, teacher at Heritage Elementary School, 20 years

• Cindy Bennett, special ed teacher at French Prairie Middle School, 13 years at WSD, 28 years in education

• Rita Beyer, program secretary at the district office ITS department, 27 years

• Karen Claggett, teacher at Valor Middle School, 23 years

• Anita Endresen, librarian at Woodburn High School, 23 years at WSD, 31 years in education

• Rita Foltz, nutrition services assistant at Woodburn High School, 20 yearsINDEPENDENT FILE PHOTO - Rita Foltz is retiring from nutrition services at Woodburn High School this year.

• Loren Gerig, teacher at WAAST, 19 years

• Liliana Heller Mafrica, language program and TAG coordinator at AIS, 9 years at WSD, 23 years in education

• Debra Hopkins, music teacher at Lincoln Elementary, 20 years at WSD, 30 in education

• Pam Leder, assistant secretary at WeBSS, 28 years

• Tom Lonergan, teacher at AIS, 21 years at WSD, 34 in education

INDEPENDENT FILE PHOTO - Tom Lonergan is one of many retirees from Woodburn School District this year.INDEPENDENT FILE PHOTO - Irene Novichihin, principal at Heritage Elementary School, is retiring after 32 years with Woodburn School District.• Irene Novichihin, principal at Heritage, 32 years at WSD, 33 in education

• Demetrio Sanchez, custodian at Woodburn High School, 28 years

• Shirley Waite, educational assistant at French Prairie Middle School, 19 years

• David Winterburn, district language program coordinator at Welcome Center, 17 years at WSD, 24 in education

• Marina Donohue, reading specialist at Lincoln, 7 years at WSD, 39 in education

• Susan Stevens Garcia, counselor at Lincoln Elementary, 15 years at WSD, 42 in education

INDEPENDENT FILE PHOTO - Boyd Keyser, superintendent of North Marion School District, is retiring after six years with the district.

North Marion School District

• Boyd Keyser, superintendent, 6 years in district

• Sharon Lohse, special education director, 31 years in district

• Roger Wilhite, middle school music teacher, 23 years in district

• Bill Brown, eighth-grade humanities teacher, 17 years in district

• Toni Corcoran, sixth-grade humanities, 13 years in district

• Sue Garnier, eighth-grade math teacher, 14 years in district

• Barb Kahle, middle school secretary, 23 years in district

• Steve Marsh, maintenance, 32 years in district

• Kim Varcoe, maintenance, 29 years in districtCOURTESY PHOTO - Roger Wilhite, North Marion Middle School music teacher, is retiring this year.

• Linda McCoy, high school custodian, 10 years in district

• June Ball, middle school special ed instructional assistant, 15 years in district

• Cathy Piercey, intermediate school special ed instructional assistant, 15 years in district

• Freida West, seventh-grade humanities teacher, 28 years in district

Gervais School District

• Amy Hanes, kindergarten teacher, 17 years in district

• Chris Ice, sixth-grade teacher, 16 years in district

• Linda Friesen, third-grade teacher, 40 years in district

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