Sin-able Sweets aims to make delicious, diabetic-friendly baked goods made with sugar substitutes

INDEPENDENT PHOTO: JULIA COMNES - Sin-able Sweets owner Dan Clements (pictured) has sugar sensitivies because of the gastric bypass surgery he underwent in 2004. He's passionate about the recipes used in his bakery, which he licensed from a Portland bakery owner who retired last year.Sin-able Sweets, a Mount Angel bakery serving up diabetic-friendly products, opened its doors last week.

Owner Dan Clements didn't open Sin-able Sweets because of a background in baking — he's just really passionate about the product. The recipes used in the Sin-able Sweets kitchen are licensed from Nanette Goin, the owner of Just Delicious Bakery in Clackamas. Goin retired last year and permanently closed the bakery in December 2016.

Clements said as someone who can't eat sugar, the products sold at Just Delicious were a complete game-changer for him.

Clements isn't diabetic, but he underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004. And like many people who've had the surgery, eating refined sugar makes him susceptible to dumping syndrome, which can cause cramping, sweating, shakiness, rapid heartbeat and other unpleasant symptoms.

It was soon after his surgery that Clements realized even small amounts of refined sugar gave him dumping syndrome. "I had Hamburger Helper sometime after the surgery. It was three grams of sugar," Clements said. He said even that tiny amount of sugar gave him dumping syndrome symptoms that lasted for about four hours.

"So, it was like, no more sugar," Clements said.

Clements discovered Just Delicious Bakery a few years after his surgery. He immediately fell in love with the products there, and spent $30 at the bakery during his first visit.

"I was surprised and impressed," Clements said of the first time he tried the desserts at Just Delicious. "It was nice to know I had the opportunity to eat something like that again without getting sick."INDEPENDENT PHOTO: JULIA COMNES - Sin-able Sweets sells a variety of goods, including cupcakes.

What makes the products stand out, Clements said, is that unlike a lot of other sugar-free baked goods available at the supermarket or online, they're baked fresh onsite.

"You can go into Albertsons or Safeway and you can find a few (sugar-free) things, but you know they've been frozen and shipped across the United States," Clements said.

Clements also emphasized that the products at Sin-able Sweets are diabetic-friendly, not necessarily diet-friendly: they're made with real eggs and butter.

"You start taking out flavor," Clements said of substituting ingredients like butter for healthier options. "Sooner or later, it's cardboard. And it's like, why would you want to eat it?"INDEPENDENT PHOTO: JULIA COMNES - A Sin-able Sweets eclair.

Clements purchased the licenses for about 80 of Goin's recipes in March of this year. He signed the lease on the Mount Angel location this August. He and his husband chose to bring the business to Mount Angel because they found a space for lease that came furnished with bakery equipment.

"Basically it was the opportunity for a turn-key bakery for an inexpensive price," Clements said.

He signed the lease in August, and had the goal of opening before Oktoberfest. It was a bit of a rush, Clements said, but he accomplished that goal: the business opened last Monday.

Now, the bakery sells a range of sugar-free goods including cookies, cakes, cupcakes and chocolate eclairs. The products are mostly sweetened with the sugar substitute Splenda.

Clements said because he was able to get the licenses for so many different recipes, the bakery will have a rotating menu. That means it will serve seasonal items, including pumpkin-flavored treats around the holidays.

Eventually, most of Sin-able Sweets' revenue will come from mail-order purchases, which was also the business model of Just Delicious Bakery. Once the Sin-able Sweets website is up and running, a wide selection of baked goods will be available to order online.

Though the business won't be reliant on walk-in customers, Clements said he's excited to get to know the community. "The walk-in business will be the cherry on top," Clements said. "I'm looking forward to getting involved with Mount Angel because it seems like a really tight-knit community."


Located at 165 E. Charles St. in Mount Angel. Hours are Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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