City adds signage soon after neighbors complain of hazards to planning commission

COURTESY GRAPHIC: CITY OF WOODBURN - Signage added to Arney Road will help clarify the rules of a west Woodburn intersection.
The City of Woodburn has added signage to provide direction and clarity at the intersection of Arney Road and Robin Avenue, near the new Woodburn Crossing retail center and the Woodburn Premium Outlets.

Vehicles that are heading to the mall turning onto Arney Road off Highway 219 are allowed to turn right without stopping when approaching the stop sign. However, many cars still stop at that stop sign despite signage stating otherwise.

"It's a complex intersection and we are trying to make traffic direction as clear and understandable as possible," said Assistant City Administrator Jim Row in a city news release.

New signage was placed at the stop sign for eastbound traffic on Robin Avenue heading toward the mall and at the stop sign for drivers turning right onto Arney Road. The new signs tell drivers that oncoming cars, as well as cars on the right do not stop.

"Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the traffic issues at this intersection," Row said in the news release. "Many drivers going east don't realize that right turning traffic doesn't stop at that intersection. Our hope is this will educate them and we can avoid any accidents and congestion."

Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris said the goal is to educate the public rather than just issue citations for failing to yield the right-of-way.

"Obviously, a lot of that traffic is from people outside our area," he said in the news release. "So the best way to inform drivers of proper traffic flow is through education. It is important that eastbound drivers know that people on their right, who are turning toward the mall, have the right-of-way and do not need to stop."

The new signs were put up this week and Ferraris said officers will be monitoring the intersection and educating drivers on the newly signed intersection.

The signage, located near Jack-in-the-Box and the new Starbucks in west Woodburn, comes after a Planning Commission meeting in which residents expressed concerns about the intersection's safety. The Planning Commission was considering an application for a 300-unit apartment complex that could be built on Arney Lane west of the outlet mall.

Engineers conducting a traffic impact analysis for the development recommended that signage be added to Robin Avenue to indicate that left turns can be made from both lanes and that both lanes provide access to Interstate 5.

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