No passengers injured in Jan. 2 single-plane crash caused by collapsed landing gear

COURTESY PHOTO: AURORA FIRE DISTRICT - Initial reports indicate that the plane's landing gear collapsed, causing the crash.A small aircraft crashed upon landing at the Aurora State Airport on Tuesday morning. There were no injuries to the single pilot onboard the plane.

The Aurora Fire District responded to the crash at around 9:17 a.m. and cleared the scene. The Oregon Department of Aviation removed the plane from the area and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident, according to Matthew Maass, manager of the Oregon Department of Aviation's State Airports Division.COURTESY PHOTO: AURORA FIRE DISTRCT - The Aurora Fire District responded to the incident Wednesday morning.

Maass said that according to initial reports, the cause of the crash was the collapse of the plane's right wing landing gear.

Maass said that while crashes like this aren't very common, there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary of the circumstances of the crash.

"It's pretty unusual to happen at any airport. It does happen on occasion, but it's more unusual than common," Maass said. "It was an unfortunate accident that happened but other than that, there wasn't anything that was unusual or out of the ordinary. These things happen from time to time."