First Street renewal project will fill open sidewalk space with new tree species

LINDSAY KEEFER - Trees along First Street could be replaced as part of the First Street improvement plan.The First Street renewal project will throw a leafy green shadow over downtown Woodburn. Part of the project includes planting new trees in the sidewalk between Oak and Harrison streets where there are currently open spaces.

The city's tree plan aims to protect the historic elm trees on First Street as much as possible while adding new species, according to Economic Development Director Jamie Johnk. Some trees may be replaced if an arborist's review finds disease or root systems that are damaging sidewalks.

A few ornamental trees on side streets will definitely get the chop because they drop fruit and pose a legal liability and safety hazard, Johnk said.

Suggestions for the new trees will favor species that grow upright, with deep roots that grow down rather than out. Three species will be presented as options for the Woodburn City Council and public feedback.

The city will also be collecting suggestions for the color of stain on the new surface at the intersections with Garfield and Hayes streets and designs to inlay in the intersection. Mock-ups of proposed designs for downtown will be posted soon. The public feedback process will start at the end of April, and Woodburn residents will be able to submit their responses on the city website.

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