The Green Planet Dispensary will be bringing pot products to the old Top O' Hill restaurant site

The sign announcing a new marijuana dispensary at the former Top O' Hill Restaurant location near Aurora has passed several hurdles from Clackamas County planning and zoning and gotten county approval.

Clackamas County began review of the sale and change of land use on Oct. 26, 2017. The sale includes the restaurant building and a large parking lot totaling 1.14 acres at a sale price of around $600,000. The exact address is 25496 Highway 99E, Aurora.

CAROL ROSEN - The Green Planet Dispensary is on its way to the area.

Travis Moffat, a spokesman for Green Planet who grew up in Canby, remembers the restaurant well. He and his parents had many good meals at Top O Hill, he said. Currently, the new retail store is in its design phase, and Moffat says they hope to open in early to mid-summer. But he adds, "we're improving the property and it needs a lot of work."

Green Planet is locally owned and operated and only operates in Oregon. Currently, the business is established in Beaverton, Milwaukie and King City with the possibility of moving into Happy Valley, Gresham and Southeast Portland.

The dispensary will offer medical and recreational marijuana with medical oils that will help patients of all needs.

They also plan to sell pipes and a little bit of everything, Moffatt said.

An appeal period ended Jan. 22, with no appeals. There were some comments opposing Green Planet. They came from neighbors and Maplewood Grange. These comments range from increased traffic to an adverse impact on the surrounding community.

However, the county's staff, noting potentially increased traffic from daily visits to the dispensary, checked with Oregon's Department of Transportation, which saw no need for ODOT permits or a review. The store will not add entrances, parking or building space leaving traffic unchanged from its previous use.

There was some concern about increased crimes, but these should be directed to the Oregon Highway Patrol or the Sheriff's Department, according to the county's planning and zoning department.

Finally there were comments from the Maplewood Grange, which was concerned about its use by youth, but since it's not an educational institution and is privately owned the dispensary is clear to open.

Since no huge changes are called for and there will be no additions to the structure, the former restaurant allows the dispensary to be grandfathered onto the property. Green Planet asked to keep the existing retail use — most of the area is zoned for exclusive farm use —within the same category, but in compliance with regulations under the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Clackamas County Zoning and Development Ordinance.

As a retail marijuana facility, Green Planet will be open to consumers from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and consumers can only be in the building space between those hours. Other requirements include an activated carbon filtration system for odor control and to ensure air leaving the building exit through an exhaust vent first passes through an activated carbon filter.

There also are specific rules for the filtration system and it must be maintained in working order and in use with the filters changed a minimum of once every 365 days. Doors and windows must remained closed except for people coming into or leaving the building. No window service is allowed, Marijuana waste must be stored in a secured waste receptacle and under control of the licensee or the OHA registrant.

Changes to the facility must include all necessary permits from the county's Building Codes Division prior to any construction. Any construction must follow the Oregon Structural Specialty Code, uniform fire code, State Electrical Specialty Code and other required codes and ordinances.

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