Portland man in machete assault case said he thought aliens were tracking him

MCCF - Alan BrockThe Portland man arrested in Woodburn after allegedly attacking several people with a machete in January 2017 will rely on a guilty except for insanity defense (GEI) according to court documents.

Alan Brock, then 29, was arrested by Woodburn police and charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, robbery and assault Jan. 9, 2017. He was ruled unfit to proceed to a trial in July 2017 and was admitted to Oregon State Hospital for treatment of his mental illness.

Brock's attorney Steven Walls gave notice of his defendant's intent to rely upon GEI defense in a court hearing April 10, 2018. A GEI defense attempts to prove that a defendant did not know what he or she was doing was wrong when crimes were committed.

The defense presented as evidence in the notice a copy of a psychological evaluation of Brock, which includes accounts of Brock's alleged actions from law enforcement and in Brock's own words.

According to the evaluation, Brock has a history of methamphetamine use and during the events leading up to his alleged crimes he was demonstrating symptoms of methamphetamine psychosis. Brock, who was homeless at the time of the incident, has said that he was convinced that he was being tracked by aliens who were planning an alien invasion.

It was because of this belief that Brock, who reportedly was supposed to be in Eugene at a men's shelter to receive drug treatment, took a bus to Salem and stole an acquaintance's car, with the intent of arriving in Portland. In a panic, he reportedly pulled off at the Woodburn exit to get weapons from Walmart to defend himself.

There he broke open several cases looking for guns and ammo, but only found a machete. According to police, at this point Brock swung the machete at a Walmart door greeter and threatened to kill him as he left the store.

Brock said that police arrived as he drove away from the parking lot. He said he thought the police were going to kill him, so he attempted to drive onto the freeway.

According to police, Brock aimed his vehicle at the patrol car before driving over an embankment onto Stacy Allison Way and hitting a fence.

Brock said he then fled the car on foot to the Cascade Meadow Apartments looking for a place to hide.

According to police, he broke into an apartment where he attacked three men, a woman and a child who lived there, slitting one man's throat and causing severe injuries to all three men.

Brock then allegedly attempted to break into another apartment and chased the fleeing tenants, demanding their car keys. Police reported that he caught one woman, cut her with the machete and stole her purse. Brock then ran and hid in a laundry room before police officers found and arrested him.

Brock said in the psychological evaluation that he was not trying to kill anyone at the apartments, and that he thought the people he attacked were "in with the aliens." He said that when police arrived he was afraid he would be executed because they were "working with the antichrist."

According to police, Brock was confused when they found him. He had reportedly dropped the machete and seemed to have forgotten where he was, reciting religious verses during the arrest and making statements about being under alien control.

The evaluation concluded that Brock was experiencing acute psychosis during the alleged violent acts on Jan. 9, 2017 and that Brock was unable to appreciate the criminality of his conduct.

If Brock is found guilty under GEI he will be involuntarily hospitalized by the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB.) A person convicted of GEI for a violent misdemeanor or any felony is placed under the jurisdiction of the PSRB for treatment for a period of time equal to the maximum sentence he or she could have received. Brock is charged with multiple Class A felonies which have a maximum sentence of 20 years.

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