Unofficial results show levy passing in Clackamas County but failing in Marion County

Unofficial election results as of March 18 had the Aurora Fire District levy failing by only 12 votes in Clackamas and Marion counties. The total was 657 votes for and 669 against.

In Marion County the levy failed, with 501 for and 520 against, while in Clackamas County the levy won with 156 for and 149 against.

The levy, if passed, would increase the current tax per $1,000 of assessed property value to 99 cents, replacing the current tax of 49 cents due to expire in 2020. The estimated revenue over five years would be $4,005,857. The funds would be used to increase staff to 13 full-time firefighters from the current four, and pay for repairs, medical tools and safety equipment.

Aurora fire chief Joshua Williams told the Canby Herald, the Independent's sister publication, that he is holding out hope until all the votes are counted.

"The vote tally shows that in a smaller community every vote matters, especially when there's a low turnout," Williams said.

Official election results will not be finalized until June 15. Ballots which are illegible will be sent back to voters, who have until May 29 to resubmit them, according to Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess. There are usually several hundred ballots which are returned and recounted this way during elections, Burgess said.

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