Seven Mayoral terms and 18 council seats ending in North Marion County cities in December

Mayor and city council positions across northern Marion County are up for election this November

Candidates must have at least 12 months of residency within their city limits to run for a council or mayoral position.

Forms for candidates in the November election must be filed by Aug. 28. Learn more at

The following are current mayors and councilors whose terms expire at the end of 2018.


Mayor Kathryn Figley

Ward 3: Robert Carney

Ward 4: Sharon Schaub

Ward 5: Frank Lonergan


Mayor Shanti Platt

Councilor John Harvey

Councilor Wes Leiva


Mayor Charles Rostocil

Councilor Angie Wheatcroft

Councilor Michelle Luna


Mayor Rick Olmstead

Councilor Katie Gonzalez

Councilor Fred Hartley

Councilor Abby Hungate

Councilor Gloria Nicholson

Mount Angel:

Mayor Andrew Otte

Councilor Don Fleck

Councilor Karl Bischoff

Councilor Ray Eder


Mayor Bill Graupp

Councilor Kris Sallee

Councilor Brian Asher

St. Paul:

Mayor Kim Wallis

Councilor Rosemary Koch

Councilor Velma Amaya-Medina

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