Success Alternative High School and Washington Elementary projects to wrap up by fall

COURTESY PHOTO: WOODBURN SCHOOL DISTRICT - The Success Alternative High School building is close to completion. Several of Woodburn School District's bond funded school construction projects will be completed this year, according to a statement from the district.

Success Alternative High School is almost finished and is expected to be ready in September for the start of the new school year. The building will include a community meeting space and a solar panel array to provide green energy for powering the school. Racks for the solar panels have been constructed and the panels are expected to arrive in mid-July.

Exterior masonry on the building was finished in June and the majority of the work left is focused on the interior, including electrical and mechanical systems, painting and flooring. The amended budget for the project is $6,479,548.

A new two-story classroom and gymnasium and cafeteria building are close to completion at Washington Elementary School. Other major renovations at Washington include accessible bathrooms, underground water lines for fire suppression system, fire department access roads, a storm water management system, a new covered play area, bus turn-around and staff parking. Washington's library is also being converted into space for three new classrooms, and the old cafeteria is being converted into a library. The project is expected to be complete by August and the amended budget is $11,328,962.

Seismic upgrades are also being made at Washington Elementary that were financed by two grants worth $3 million awarded by the Infrastructure Finance Authority in 2017. The funds will be used for seismic upgrades at both Washington and Lincoln elementary schools.

The district is replacing windows at Lincoln Elementary during the summer break in addition to the seismic upgrades. Projects at Lincoln include a classroom addition and cafeteria expansion. The project is estimated to finish in September 2019 an the initial cost estimate is $5,935,920.

At neighboring French Prairie Middle School, a project to replace the gymnasium floor is underway and will be finished before the school year begins. French Prairie bond projects will also include replacing windows, and are expected to be complete by September 2020, at an initial estimate of $6,025,326.

Nellie Muir Elementary's heating, ventilaton and air conditioning units are being replaced this summer. Twelve new units are on order and will replace the current rooftop units. Bond projects at Nellie Muir, anticipated to be completed by September 2019, also include a classroom addition and gymnasium improvements, at an initial estimate of $7,529,428.

Fire sprinklers are being installed at Woodburn High School. In 2017 sprinklers were installed in all common areas, including the restored section of the school and the lectorium.

The district won approval of a $65 million bond from voters in May 2015 for making major repairs to schools, improving security and technology systems and expanding space for students. Updates on bond projects and 24-hour web cameras of construction projects are available at updates.

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