Wacther Meadows development would not require road improvements according to ODOT study

PATRICK EVANS - The Wacther Meadows property on the west side of Mount Angel is slated for a new housing development project.A new housing development in Mount Angel was approved by the city's Planning Commission Aug. 30. The Wachter Meadows Subdivision project would develop a 20-acre plot of land on the west side of the city with space for 63 single-family residential homes.

The Wachter property lies on the west side of Mount Angel, between West Marquam Street to the north and West Church Road Northeast to the south. The property is bordered by farms to the west and is itself a former farm field.

The Planning Committee approved the subdivision application with some minor adjustments, according to Mount Angel City Manager Amber Mathiesen. The developers were allowed to lay a meandering sidewalk, rather than straight sidewalk, to work around existing city utilities on the property.

The main concerns from the city and residents have been around the effects of a surge in population from the development, Mathiesen said.

"For the size of our community its a significant subdivision," Mathiesen said.

Residents had expressed concern during the hearing over the Mount Angel School District's student capacity and how students would travel from the neighborhood to school.

The school district stated that it would have plenty of capacity to accept new students, and that the subdivision would be included in the district's bus route to address the lack of safe of pedestrian access. The subdivision is bordered by other neighborhoods, but sidewalks on both West Marquam Street and West Church Road end before reaching the Wachter property.

The subdivision faced further scrutiny over the possibility of causing traffic problems at two intersections where Marquam Street and Church Road meet Highway 214. A traffic study conducted by the Oregon Department of Transportation found that the subdivision would have minimal impact on the intersections, and wouldn't require any modifications to the city streets or the highway.

Now that the planning commission has given its approval, the subdivision is moving into the engineering and planning process. Construction on the property will take place in two phases, with the eastern side of the property being developed first.

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