Karen Frackowiak fined $1,300 by DEQ for failing to provide proper paperwork

The owner of the former gas station at 183 Grant St. in Woodburn was fined for the second time in four months by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for failure to comply with regulations regarding the property's underground gasoline storage tanks.

Karen Frackowiak of Canby was fined $1,300 by DEQ for failing to provide an application for registration certificate to the agency within 60 days of acquiring the property from its previous owner, James Frackowiak, in June 2017.

In June, the DEQ fined Karen Frackowiak $1,959 for failing to test corrosion protection systems on the underground gasoline storage tanks on the property. It was the third fine imposed on an owner of the Grant Street property in two years. In 2016, DEQ fined previous owner James Frackowiak twice that amount for the same violation, for a total penalty of $4,503. James Frackowiak bought the property in 2012, and transferred it to Karen Frackowiak in 2017.

Underground storage tanks are required under Oregon environmental regulations to be tested every three years to prevent leaks and contamination of soil and ground water, but according to the DEQ, the tanks at the Grant Street property were last inspected and tested in 2006.

There are three underground gasoline storage tanks and one waste oil storage tank buried on the property, according to an assessment of the site by DEQ in 2002. During that assessment inspectors determined that a leak of waste oil had occurred, and removed 22.42 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil. According to DEQ documents, the investigation of the site did not include any assessment of the area around the underground gasoline storage tanks. The gasoline tanks have been drained but not decommissioned, according to DEQ files.

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