Woodburn resident reported getting a call from someone claiming to be from Woodburn Police Department

The Woodburn Police Department has reported that it has recently received notice from a resident claiming they received a phone call from an individual representing the Woodburn Police Department.

The individual on the phone told the citizen to call a secondary number, to which another individual claiming to be a WPD attorney told them they had an outstanding warrant and also owed fines. The "attorney" instructed the resident to go to a retail location of their choosing, remaining on the phone the entire time, and purchase a prepaid debit card and use that to make the false payment or risk being arrested by the officers. Upon arriving at the retail location, a store employee informed the resident that the call was a scam, to which the resident immediately ended the call.

The caller created a fake caller ID number (caller ID phishing scam) showing the actual Woodburn Police Department business number (503-982-2345). The Woodburn Police Department does not phone residents to request or accept any form of payment to clear a warrant. If you receive a call similar to this, or ever suspect that a caller is not a representative of the Woodburn Police Department, take the following actions:

• Hang up the phone, and immediately contact the Woodburn Police Department in order to verify if the department was attempting to reach you.

• Never provide any financial information to the caller, as the Woodburn Police Department will never instruct you to make payments via phone.

• Do not call any numbers the caller may provide, as the Woodburn Police Department will never instruct you to call secondary numbers.

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