Woodburn officers were honored by Oregon Peace Officers Association Nov. 30

COURTESY PHOTO: CITY OF WOODBURN - Woodburn Police Department Chief Jim Ferraris (center) stands with members of his department who received Lifesaving Awards from the Oregon Peace Officers Association. They are (from left) Jesse Ponce, Matt Stearns, Jacob Stout and Charlie Gill.Four Woodburn Police Department officers received Oregon Peace Officers Association (OPOA) Life Saving Awards Nov. 30.

The awards are given to those who perform exemplary deeds and services on behalf of their communities.

Jesse Ponce and Charlie Gill

The two officers responded to an apartment fire at 4:25 a.m. July 28.

Upon arrival the officers observed black smoke coming from inside. While investigating, the officers heard tapping coming from an elderly man trapped inside one of the apartments. Both officers rushed to the front door and made separate attempts to locate the subject by entering the burning building. Even while staying low to the floor each officer was driven from the building by smoke, heat and flame. As they completed their second attempt Woodburn Fire personnel arrived and were able to enter the structure, find the resident and carry him outside to the nearby parking lot.

Officer Ponce and Gill began performing chest compressions on the subject who did not have a pulse. In conjunction with ambulance personnel they were able to obtain a pulse. The resident, was then transported by helicopter for further treatment.

Matt Stearns

Around 4:30 a.m. June 20, a woman called 911 reporting she believed her boyfriend had just overdosed on heroin and was not responsive.

Officer Matt Stearns was the first responder on the scene, which was at A&J's Market on North Front Street, arriving three minutes after the call. He determined the man had a shallow pulse and was not breathing. Using his department-issued Narcan, Stearns administered one dose. Within 30 seconds the subject began to breathe and regained consciousness. He was transported to Silverton Hospital by ambulance for further treatment.

Jacob Stout

Officer Jacob Stout responded to a dispatch call on Dec. 15, 2017, of a male choking at the Denny's restaurant in Woodburn. The male was reportedly no longer breathing.

He arrived at the restaurant and found the male unconscious and his face turning blue. Stout began providing chest compressions as he is trained. Stout continued providing chest compressions for about two minutes, when the patient began to show signs of life and started breathing on his own.

Fire department and medic personnel arrived to take over care. The patient was then transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

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