On Dec. 12, the city held a ceremony at the Woodburn Memorial Transit Center to pay tribute to two officers who died

PHIL HAWKINS - Luis Molina, pastor of Woodburn Foursquare Church and chaplain of the Woodburn Police Department, says a prayer at the ceremony marking 10 years since the Woodburn West Coast Bank bombing.

A couple hundred people gathered at the Woodburn Memorial Transit Center last Wednesday to remember two police officers whose lives were lost in a bombing exactly 10 years earlier.PHIL HAWKINS - Officers Jorge Gaspar (center) and Craig Halupowski place a wreath on the memorial in memory of Capt. Tom Tennant, who died exactly 10 years ago in the Woodburn West Coast Bank bombing. Chief Jim Ferraris looks on.

On Dec. 12, 2008, Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Bill Hakim and Woodburn Police Capt. Tom Tennant died after a bomb they were trying to dismantle blew up inside the West Coast Bank location on Highway 214. The blast also maimed then-Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell (who lost a leg) and injured bank employee Laurie Perkett. Father and son Bruce and Josh Turnidge were convicted in 2010 and sentenced to death row, where they remain today.PHIL HAWKINS - A couple hundred people, many in uniform, attended the 10th anniversary of the Woodburn West Coast Bank bombing.

Out of tragedy has emerged triumph, in the form of Woodburn Proud, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the good in the community.PHIL HAWKINS - Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris opens the ceremony Wednesday commemorating the sacrifices made 10 years ago in the wake of the West Coast Bank bombing.

"We are in a very good place now in the city of Woodburn," Woodburn city administrator Scott Derickson told the audience that gathered last Wednesday. "Mostly, because of people like you, but we will never forget, and we will never forget everything you did for us."PHIL HAWKINS - Woodburn Fire Chief Joe Budge accepts a statuette from Woodburn Proud's Rhonda Judson. Woodburn Proud presented a statuette of an eagle to the agencies that responded to the Woodburn West Coast Bank bombing on Dec. 12, 2008.

Newly-elected Mayor Eric Swenson, who has been active with Woodburn Proud, also spoke at the event.

PHIL HAWKINS - The family of WPD Capt. Tom Tennant, who died in the 2008 West Coast Bank bombing, attended the ceremony celebrating Tennant's life and that of Senior Trooper Bill Hakim, who also died that day."We stand here today to do what our community and its supporters did 10 years ago — to shine a light into the darkness," he said. "It's a way to keep comfort and joy in our hearts during the inevitable human suffering that we endure."PHIL HAWKINS - Woodburn Mayor Eric Swenson offered some words at the ceremony marking 10 years since the West Coast Bank bombing.

The event was attended by dozens of first responders and community members, as well as the families of the two fallen police officers.

The ceremony, emceed by Woodburn Police Chief Jim Ferraris, featured prayers by police chaplain Luis Molina, a laying of wreaths on a wrought-iron memorial and a presentation of statuettes to responders who assisted on that day.

"I just want to say Bill, Tom, thank you," former Mayor Kathy Figley said during the ceremony. "We love you, we miss you."

PHIL HAWKINS - A bouquet of flowers was placed on the memorial commemorating those who were killed and wounded in the Woodburn West Coast Bank bombing 10 years ago.

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