The certified public accountant opened his office in Woodburn in 1968 and has about 1,300 clients today

LINDSAY KEEFER - Earl Doman has run his accounting business in Woodburn for 50 years, having set up shop in 1968. He has also been a Woodburn resident for that length of time.
Earl Doman is celebrating 50 years in Woodburn, both as a resident and as a businessman.

The certified public accountant set up his business on Highway 99E in 1968 after moving to town from Salem. He would soon move to his current office at 2146 Progress Way, a thoroughfare he actually helped build, he said.

"I designed the street, we built the road and named it, then I bought a piece of property where my office is," he said. "It's about one-third wider than other streets because we figured there would be truck traffic."

He's been involved in developing a lot of communities in Woodburn as it's grown over the past half-century, he said. He has also been a member of Woodburn Rotary for 50 years.

"When I came here, there were 2,000 people here," he pointed out.

Doman is originally from Ontario (in Eastern Oregon near Boise) but didn't become interested in the accounting field until after he completed a mission through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which he is still a member.

"The mission president was a CPA from Portland and when I finished my mission he visited with me and ... he said why don't you become a CPA," Doman remembered. "You can do what you want, you can work for big company, you can work for government, you can form your own company — as a CPA you would be capable of running it better than anyone else. His advice was it's the best education you can get that would give the best versatility."

So Doman followed that advice and, once out of Brigham Young University, was hired by a CPA firm in Portland. The firm later moved him to its office in Salem — "I liked the idea of Salem better," he said — where, a few years later, a friend of his from Woodburn suggested Doman open his own business in the small town.

"When I got to talking to him about going out on my own, he said, there are nine attorneys here and no CPAs," Doman remembered. "When I opened my practice all three bank presidents came to my office, which was very unusual."

Doman and his wife Donna, who would eventually buy a farm on the outskirts of town where they still live, raised their six kids in the area, two of whom still remain around Woodburn. His son, Tim, joined the business out of college and the father and son CPA team still works together roughly 25 years later.

The office, which also has a secretary on staff, recently brought on a bilingual tax preparer, J.R. Jones, to help better serve the Spanish-speaking population of Woodburn.

But Doman already has about 1,300 clients from all over the world. The office does taxes, financial planning, advising on financial statements and more.

"It's a tremendous challenge and you develop a lot of friends, people that rely on you for your business and your judgment," he said. "It's a good feeling of responsibility and accomplishment."

After 50 years, 81-year-old Doman isn't quite ready to retire.

"I'm going to have to quit eventually," he said. "But I don't plan on quitting until I can't do it anymore."

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