Firefighters from Woodburn and neighboring districts will conduct a drill on Parr Road Saturday

WOODBURN FIRE DISTRICT - Woodburn Fire District logo If you happen to notice a number of fire-fighting rigs and public safety personnel in the Centennial Park area on Saturday, Jan. 26, don't be alarmed.

Woodburn Fire District (WFD) announced that it will be conducting a hose deployment and nozzle advancement exercise on a vacant house located at 9008 Parr Road. The district anticipates having firefighters on site from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., including drill instructor and Woodburn firefighter Ryan Johnson.

Woodburn Fire Chief Joe Budge said firefighters from neighboring districts will also take part in the drill, which will give crews an opportunity to practice techniques used for advancing a hose line into a structure while water continuously flows from the nozzle.

It will not be a live fire drill.

"The owner of the property has graciously allowed the Woodburn Fire District to have access to the structure for practicing firefighting techniques," Budge said.

"In December of last year, the structure was used to host a class for the certification of new fire investigators," Budge added. "For this training, multiple fire sets were staged and ignited throughout the structure and then extinguished. Participants in the training were then tasked with pinpointing the origin and cause of the fire.  

"It is extremely valuable to have a real residence to conduct training."

Budge said the vacant home has been furnished with donated furniture, which helps create a more realistic atmosphere for the exercises.

"The property is also being used for search-and-rescue drills," Budge said. "Training at the site will culminate with a full-scale, burn-to-learn (drill) later this year."    

A WFD announcement noted that water will be pulled from a hydrant directly across the street from the property, however Parr Road will not be blocked by the operation.

The district also advised that heavy water usage from the drill may result in some discoloring of the water in households in the general area. The water is still safe to consume, but officials recommend that households should not wash laundry with discolored water, but rather run the tap until it clears before doing a load of wash.

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