Woodburn Kiwanis honors middle school students from St. Luke, Valor and French Prairie schools

St. Luke Catholic School

Hailey VinogradoffCOURTESY PHOTO - Vinogradoff

Hailey Vinogradoff is the daughter of Amie and Jeremiah and sibling to Maddi and Reagon.

Hailey loves ELA and reading and writing. She not only loves writing stories, but also factual research papers. She enjoys art because she likes being creative and using color. She received a sewing machine for Christmas and is having fun working on projects. Her mom didn't know how to sew, so dad showed her a few things. Hailey went hunting for the first time last fall and really enjoyed it.

After high school, Hailey would like to go to Oregon State University. She wants to be a teacher of some kind because she wants to help people learn and because she likes learning.

If Hailey could travel she would like to go somewhere tropical. She likes being the oldest because she gets to do more things, but she also has more responsibility.

Her teachers say, "Hailey's kindness and conscientiousness shine through in everything she does.  As a student, Hailey is responsible, organized, hardworking, and thorough.  The work she submits and her presence in class are excellent.  Hailey takes it upon herself to go the extra mile, taking notes on class discussions, asking how she can improve her writing, and checking over any work she has done.  In addition to being an excellent student, Hailey is a kind and welcoming friend.  She is loved by her classmates.  Hailey serves the school community as an active member of the student leadership team and a natural leader in her house."


Logan KirschCOURTESY PHOTO - Kirsch

Logan Kirsch is the son of Ann and Dan and sibling to Ryan, Tristan, and Adelyn.

Logan's favorite activities are math and science because he enjoys the small classes. Logan also likes baseball and football. He likes all things outdoors. He hunts for deer and elk, camps, and loves boating. Logan also enjoys playing with his siblings and helping them with school. He likes being the oldest because he gets to set the example.

After high school, Logan would like to go to college and major in business management or engineering and work for his dad who owns a fabrication shop. Logan's ideal vacation would be a long road trip to see more of America. Logan has not been on a plane, but has flown in a helicopter.

His teachers say, "Logan has shown a noticeable maturity and focus this year.  He is an active and engaging participant in class, drawing others into discussions with his excellent questions.  Logan excels as a problem-solver and a critical thinker.  He often wonders aloud about using a different method in math or what the effects would have been if a character in a book had made another choice.  Logan is reflective and is a risk-taker, making him a natural leader and a wise young man."


Valor Middle School

Heidi GuerreroCOURTESY PHOTO - Guerrero

Heidi Guerrero is the seventh-grade daughter of Juana Campos Trejo and sister to 9-month old Samantha.

Her favorite class is social studies, because she likes to write. Heidi also like science because she enjoys learning more about the earth.

In the future, Heidi wants to be an astronomer because she loves space. She would like to go to Paris — she is interested in the language, the fashion and how elegant it is.

Her teacher Teresa Kresin says, "(Heidi) is a hard worker. She helps other students in her class. She is always willing to do more. She is very responsible."


Daniel BasarginCOURTESY PHOTO - Basargin

Daniel Basargin is the sixth-grade son of Ulinia and Michael Basargin and brother to Felicity and Valentina.

Daniel likes all his classes, but particularly art and Russian social studies. He is a member of the Junior Anti-Bullying Association, which was created by students to help classmates feel safe at school.

In the future, Daniel is interested in attending the University of Alabama, Georgia State or maybe the University of Oregon. He wants to visit Germany and learn the language.

According to teacher Joden Huddleston, "Not only is Daniel Basargin an initiator, but he is a polite, self-assured thinker who arrives each morning with a smile on his face, greeting staff when walking through the hallways of Valor. When given an assignment, Daniel takes on the challenge to reread the directions to himself, raise his hand and ask questions for clarification, then independently begins tackling his work. Daniel sits in a table group of four, which allows for team collaboration, and he does not hesitate to initiate conversation, leading those around him to greater understanding."


Jose HerreraCOURTESY PHOTO - Herrera

Jose Herrera is the eighth-grade son of Yris Loza and step-father Custodio Aguilar, and sibling to sister Thalia.

Jose enjoys sports, especially wrestling. His favorite class is math, because it's fun. He is also on the yearbook staff.

His future goal is to be a software engineer or a lawyer. He would like to visit family in Mexico and Peru.

Cherene Mills nominated Jose because, "He consistently takes ownership for his learning. He has quickly learned skills needed for the yearbook. He is able to teach others those skills and readily does so. He adapts to needed changes from class to class, revisiting incomplete tasks that he is responsible for completing."


French Prairie Middle School

Hannah PetersonCOURTESY PHOTO - Peterson

Hannah Peterson is the daughter of Charla and Douglas Peterson and sibling to Josiah and Kaileah.

Her favorite activities in school include math, P.E., science and literacy in Spanish and English.

In the future, Hannah would like to send a good message out to the world and speak up for other people.

According to her teachers, "Hannah is a fantastic, well-rounded student. She is athletic, intelligent, motivated and kind toward others. Hannah is destined for greatness, and I look forward to her future contributions that make this world a better place."


Lucy McConnellCOURTESY PHOTO - McConnell

Lucy McConnell is the daughter of Thomas and Lindsey and sibling to Eva McConnell.

She loves sports and doing well in school. She is on the cheer team and enjoys spending time with her friends and family and shopping.

While Lucy aspires to go to college after high school, she isn't sure where she wants to go yet.

Her teachers say, "Lucy consistently brings a positive attitude to class and does exceptional work. She grasps concepts quickly and actively engages and evaluates difficult questions."


Axel TapiaCOURTESY PHOTO - Tapia

Axel Tapia is the son of Beatriz Tapia and brother to Rigoberto.

He enjoys attending French Prairie Middle School, playing video games and Mr. Roberts' social studies class.

After high school, Axel wants to go to college to study something with computers before getting a job.

His teachers say, "Axel is an amazing, hard-working student who has diverse interests that include genres of music that span a century. In the classroom and out, he demonstrates his interest in content by posing thoughtful questions that belie his age. With respect and confidence, Axel initiates conversations with adults that span a wide range of topics. His skills and curiosity will serve him well in high school and beyond. I can't say enough about him. He embodies the spirit of French Prairie Middle School."

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