Legion commander grateful for Memorial Day support

To the editor:

Thank you to all that helped in the Memorial Day services, especially Dick Willard. Without him, much of the program would not get done. Thank you, Dick.

I would also like to thank Cornwell’s and the cemetery board for their support every year. I had forgotten to thank these people at the service so hope they accept my apology.

I would also like to thank again Cub Scout Troop 596, the West Coast Ravens for their flyover, Aurora Legion and Auxiliary #110 for their support and the Woodburn Post #46 Honor Guard.

Dan Evers

Commander, American Legion Post #46

Bond committee supports pursuing November ballot

To the editor:

The Committee to Repair Woodburn Schools, Make Them Safe, Lower Our Taxes would like to thank the Woodburn community for their support of the school bond. These election results are quite encouraging — 46 votes away from passing is no failure!

The bond proposal is a good one: safer and well-maintained schools with lower taxes. Low voter turnout is the real issue here at 33 percent.

If more people turn out to vote, we can succeed in the fall election. We encourage the Woodburn School Board to place the bond back on the ballot in November when voter participation will likely be higher.

In the meantime, we want to thank all the community volunteers who worked so hard to get the word out about the need to continue funding for our schools. We also want to thank the Woodburn voters who cast their ballots in this election. We will be back!

George Gubbins

The Committee to Repair Woodburn Schools, Make Them Safe, Lower Our Taxes

Voters get it; but officials don’t seem to

To the editor:

Last week’s edition of the Woodburn Independent contained several articles regarding the defeat of bond measure for school and fire districts. When asked for comment about the loss, public officials blamed the voters, citing a lack of understanding and the need for the public agency to communicate their needs better. In other words, “Voters don’t get it.”

Rather than accept the decision as the will of the voters, many agencies are already planning on re-submitting their requests.

In fact, the public officials are the ones who “don’t get it.” Voters DO, and have demonstrated willingness to support government with their wallets in the past. But there has to be a limit somewhere, and public officials must accept it.

If they wish to re-submit a request to the voters, it’s time to pare down the original request and remove non-essential items, personnel and benefits. Buy used, reconditioned equipment instead of new. Instead of hiring three new employees, settle for two. And above all, learn to live within your means. We taxpayers have to.

Kim Wallis

St. Paul

District should address citizens’ concerns

To the editor:

Concerning the Woodburn bond issue: If the school district wants the bond issues to pass, maybe they should consider asking the citizens of Woodburn why they keep voting against the bond issues.

If the concerns of the citizens are addressed and corrected perhaps the school district might get the votes to pass a bond issue. The Woodburn Independent might even consider having a query done to see why bond issues are failing.

Barbara Baker


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