Be careful what you wish for when it comes to Public Employees Retirement System

In regards to the letter posted by Ann H. Albright (See "Readers' Letters" in the Feb. 8 edition of the Woodburn Independent, Page A6) I might add that you might want to be very careful what you wish for regarding Public Employees Retirement System.

You should be constantly reminded that the general public has always voted against their own economic interest by voting for conservatives as the guardians of their pensions. Conservatives have never voted or supported organized labor so right there is your real problem. Conservatives would rather bankroll Wall Street than respect your "golden years."

Right now, Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are planning to try and make every state a "Right To Work State," thereby eliminating labor unions who represent the past gains of every working man and woman of our nation.

You have every right to express your anger at those who want to harm your pension but maybe, just maybe, you may have bought into the very system you rail against.

Arnold Ponce


Contract Publishing

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