Reader of Woodburn Independent from Gervais responds to editorial cartoon on climate and Donald Trump

In reference to the editorial cartoon in the June 7 issue of the Woodburn Independent: The powers that be in the Woodburn Independent should ask themselves some difficult and searching questions before they accept the Obama Administration's explanation of climate change hook, line and sinker, and then advocate for these solutions to the problems.

I will admit that climate change is happening.

If the powers that be in the Woodburn Independent are honest they will also have to admit that there are many more causes of climate change besides human activity and in almost all these cases humans have no controls over what happens.

They will also have to admit that all of the schemes put forward so far to control climate change are just Democratic Party tax plans that will enrich wealthy Democratic Party donors at the expense of poorer, less well-connected citizens of the United States.

The Paris treaty which Donald Trump just discarded is the latest example. President Barack Obama signed this treaty with great fanfare, but like a two bit foreign dictator he refused to submit it to the U.S. Senate for ratification as is required by the U.S. Constitution.

This treaty doesn't look so good when one finds out about all of its clauses and how it handicaps U.S. citizens economically and technically.

Lenthal Kaup


Resident worries about interchange landscaping being forgotten

As I make my morning and afternoon rounds I'm amazed to see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were spent on the landscaping for the freeway project wasting away from the weeds that are chocking all the life out of the ground cover and the tree saplings starving for water as they struggle to exist in a city that local officials don't seem to care for anymore now that the excitement of the millions of dollars of project taxpayer money has worn off and our city officials move on to showcase other projects without a sense of common concern.

Where are the city supervisors whose job it is to supervise the landscapers/gardeners who are responsible for their care and watering? I see a water sprinkler system is installed but never functioning day or night. Did anyone do a study for the upkeep requirements needed to maintain them year round? The city needs to do a better job of addressing the needs of the landscaping before they come back asking for more money for landscaping to replace what they allowed to chock off and die. The landscaping cannot care for itself.

Arnold Ponce


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