Readers criticize politicians' handling of wildfire preparation and urge city to fix sidewalks

Political mismanagement worsens wildfires

Why are so many acres of publicly owned forest land burning this year?

Don't tell me it is caused by climate change. The same weather conditions affect private lands as public lands. Private land owners are not reporting an increase in uncontrolled fires this year. Why?

Is it how the public owned lands are being managed?

Why is wilderness so important all of a sudden this year?

Why isn't the forest service using the best available equipment to suppress these fires instead of playing political patty cake?

Could it be that the civil service fire bosses have bought the "let the forest burn" theory hook, line and sinker put forth by certain college professors that don't know a tree from a snag, live east of the Mississippi River, are registered Democrat, and can't be told that they are wrong?

As you are choking on these fires' smoke, maybe this would give you something to think about, and next spring as you pay your state and federal income taxes for nothing, you should remember about the Washington swamp. This mess is its local tentacles payed for and protected by the votes of our incumbent federal senators and representatives, not to mention the mess in Salem.

Lenthal Kaup


City needs to focus on fixing sidewalks

I sincerely hope that all the blue painting on the streets and on the sidewalks around town (that appear to have to do with water) mean that improvements are coming to streets and sidewalks.

Obviously anyone who drives downtown Woodburn streets is aware that they are beyond belief in need of repair.

However, the reason for this letter is to simply state and ask, WHY are the sidewalks allowed to be in such disrepair?

The city of Woodburn needs to do a survey of unsafe sidewalks.

Woodburn has a very high number of walkers, I would think that the city should have some level of responsibility to insure safety of its citizens. If it is the property owners' responsibility to replace/repair their sidewalks, the city should notify the property owner that something must be done, develop a program of assistance if necessary.

Sidewalks are broken, missing and up-ended by tree roots; they are also overtaken by shrubbery, even dirt and grass that limit the path to a single person at best. Actually, there are places where the walker has to go into the parking strip, which sometimes has cars on it as well as the sidewalk that then require the walker to walk on the street.

It is not safe to walk the streets looking forward. You have to be looking down to make sure that you don't trip on the uneven or nonexistent sidewalks.

Before the city continues to approve and add new houses and apartments to our town without consideration as to the impact on the school district (How and where the children will be housed while at school?) they need to think about the safety of the current residents.

Ruth Thompson