Readers say Highway 214 intersections are too dangerous, thank residents for testifying against apartments

Highway 214 intersections are too dangerous

I would like to premise this letter by stating that I appreciate the changes that have been made in Woodburn, and I look forward to our continued growth.

However, my husband and I are very concerned about the traffic pattern on Highway 214 and intersections going north and south on Oregon Way and Country Club Road, as well as Highway 214 and Evergreen.

We are school bus drivers in Woodburn and are on the road very early, and it is almost a daily occurrence to see cars traveling east and west on 214 running the yellow and red lights. Had we not known about this situation, we could have been hit on multiple occasions by not hesitating before proceeding through the green light.

I believe a better, safer way would eliminate the flashing yellow arrow and make left hand turns only with a green arrow. It is extremely difficult to make a left turn with a flashing yellow light because you cannot see with the car in the incoming lane in front of you to see around them for other incoming cars.

Also, cars making U-turns from the left lane do so too fast, crossing in front of cars making right hand turns, causing near collisions. I believe ODOT needs to reevaluate this traffic pattern before we have a fatality.

Sandy Murray


Community comes out for October council meeting

With concerns over the Woodland Crossing Development Proposal, my thanks goes out to all the residents that filled the City Chambers on Oct. 9. Also thanks to the City Council for a healthy debate. This meeting was expected to go late and it definitely did, until around 10:30. Many residents exited before the public forum was allowed.

A Woodburn resident proposed that the city extend a written response to the City Council for a two week period, rather than just one week as was originally outlined. This means that residents have until Oct. 16 to submit a letter or email message to the council. Best to do it early so council-members have ample opportunity to digest them.

Some things that were aired in this meeting; Excessively increased traffic on Woodland, Willow, Linda, Camas, Steven, & McNaught due to the development and thru traffic from the outlet mall; building in middle of wetlands property value devaluation; lack of sufficient public educational infrastructure and increased taxes due to bonds leading to that infrastructure expansion; roadway and pedestrian walkway safety; sufficient screening; improper classification of UGB lands.

With the traffic problems that already exist, we currently don't have the highway infrastructure to alleviate the problems that a 300 unit complex will add with around 600 vehicles.

John Catterson


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