School board member asks for community support of North Marion school bond in election

Did you know that Oregon state funding does not provide enough monies in their budgeting provisions for schools to make capital improvements or build new buildings? The only way schools can raise funds for renovation, repairs and building is by passing bonds.

On Nov. 7 the voters in the North Marion School District will have an opportunity to vote on the approval of a $42 million dollar bond.

The current bond will expire in 2018, and this new bond will result in a tax rate of $1.84/$1,000 of tax assessed value. For example a home with a tax assessed value of $200,000 would only be paying $8 a month more.

What will this bond mean for our kids? Improvements will include core infrastructure upgrades (HVAC repairs and replacements, new roofs, exterior finishes, etc…), a two-story renovated high school, safety and security updates at all buildings, improved traffic flow and other needed improvements.

Even by passing this bond North Marion will still have a lower tax rate than many surrounding communities.

Each generation in our community has stepped up and done their part for our kids, now it's our turn. The time is now! Please remember to vote and do your part for our community. For more detailed information please go to

Thanks for your support!

Heidi Torian


Armed citizens could have stopped Las Vegas shooter

Do the people running the Woodburn Independent want decisions regarding the citizens' rights to be made before all of the facts of the questions are known?

Look at how the stories about the Las Vegas shooting have changed in less than two weeks. Is someone trying to cover up official incompetence and hotel protection of a high roller? It looks like it to me.

When seconds count and people are dying, the police are only 10 minutes away. What good does that do? A citizen armed with a firearm or a member of the concert security armed with a fire arm could have returned fire, stopping the nonsense much quicker than the police did.

Politicians protected by squads of armed security, many of which carry full automatic fire arms, are so quick to take away citizens' rights to have and carry fire arms. Why?

Would extortion, graft and a guilty conscience be a good start on the reasons why?

The men who wrote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights had years of experience with the antics of King George's minions backed by an army of mercenaries (read the Federalist Papers). The King and Parliament were separated by an ocean from the colonies, so they could plead ignorance until the American Revolutionary War started.

The same is true about today's U.S. federal legislatures, Washington D.C. bureaucrats, the major press, the judiciary and the liberal arts college community. They may not have an ocean, but they are still separated from the rest of the U.S. citizens.

Too many police officers know on which side their bread is buttered on.

Lenthal Kaup


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