Using a Fitbit gave columnist illustrations of truth applicable to our spiritual health.

Silly me. I saw people looking at their wristbands and thought watches were coming back. Then I learned people are not wearing watches but Fitbits, which tell the time, their pulse, and how many steps they have taken that day.

I am now wearing one.

I started wearing a Fitbit for two reasons: my workplace gave me one and they promote its use by having monthly contests. October's contest prize was a $30 gift certificate to the movies. To win, I needed to average 8,000 steps per day and have my name randomly chosen. I won!

Besides winning and the health benefits of walking more, using a Fitbit gave me illustrations of truth applicable to our spiritual health.

First, my Fitbit is specific to me. When I activated it, I entered my height, weight, gender and which wrist I would wear it on. To apply this spiritually, our relationship with God is personal and specific. From the 12th chapter of Matthew: God knows how many hairs are on your head.

If you have many hairs, your head is an image of God's intimate attention. If you have more bare than hair, take this promise to the bank: In the sixth chapter of Matthew, it says God knows what we need before we ask him. God knows everything, even the pain coming our way.

Another truth illustrated: Every morning my Fitbit's count of steps is back at zero. I start again, walking to rack up the steps. Likewise, we do our spiritual walk daily. We need to be consistent. When we persevere, God can count on us and use us as his co-laborers.

Let me elaborate on this point. Even when our hearts are struck with tragedies like mass shootings we need to stand firm for love and unity. Off and on for the past week, Mercy Me's song, "Even If", has been playing in my head: "I know you're able and I know you can save through the fire with your mighty hand. But even if you don't, my hope is you alone. You are faithful. You are good."

I believe God wants these truths to strengthen us. Even when we are hurt, confused and questioning, he is still faithful, good and calling us to trust him.

We all wonder why God allows evil events. Man has free will. We are influenced by the evil it.

My faith reminds me we are in a spiritual war; God suffers alongside us when we make the wrong choices or suffer the wrong choices of others. Our safety is in him.

How are we going to respond to tragedies? The enemy comes to kill and destroy, using fear and the tactic of divide and conquer.

God's answer is the cross. The battle was fought with love. The power that won was God's. What looked like defeat was victory in the making.

Today is our opportunity to love, operate in God's power and walk in victory.

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