Legacy Silverton Health board of directors declares support for Ballot Measure 101

To our families, friends and neighbors:

As Legacy Silverton Medical Center's Board of Directors, we take seriously the responsibility to support health care in our communities and encourage you to vote yes on Measure 101.

Today, 95 percent of Oregonians have health care coverage. That means that many Oregonians have finally been able to get covered and get healthy — some for the first time in their adult lives.

Oregon's rural uninsured rate fell by 51 percent between 2013 and 2015. Ensuring that more of our neighbors are covered will help us to build on that success and keep all of us healthy. We can't go back to a time when many people received health care in the emergency room, driving up costs for everyone.

People shouldn't have to wait to see a doctor and end up in the hospital without health insurance. Every Oregonian should be able to visit a nurse or doctor when they need it. By passing Measure 101, we are protecting health coverage for one in four Oregonians, and stabilizing premiums for another 210,000 who buy their own insurance.

As a rural community hospital, we deeply believe keeping people healthy is a responsibility that we all share. We hope you'll join us in voting yes for health care. Vote yes on Measure 101.

Legacy Silverton Medical Center Board of Directors and Leadership Team

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