Readers write to the Woodburn Independent on the Woodburn Fire District bond, immigration reform

Firefighters seek voters' support on bond issue

I am writing to you on behalf of the volunteer and career firefighters of the Woodburn Fire District ask you to vote yes on 24-433.

The three main reasons I ask for your support are: First, we will not need to lay off two firefighters, thus allowing us to maintain the current service and staffing levels.

Second, we would train some of our current members up to the paramedic level and staff a permanent Advanced Life Support medical response unit. With a staffed Advanced Life Support unit, WFD will be able to provide a very high level of life saving medical care to victims of an emergency within a few minutes.

Third, we currently staff one medical/ fire response unit with a minimum of three career firefighters/ emergency medical technicians who cover all 75 square miles of WFD. On some days, we are able to field a fourth staff member on our primary response unit. With the passage of 24-433, we will be able to provided four-person staffing 24/7. This additional person will allow us to bring more medically-trained responders to your home in case of an emergency. Also, the additional staff improves our firefighting and rescue capabilities immensely.

Your firefighters are grateful for the opportunity to serve the communities of Woodburn, Gervais, Waconda and Broadacres. Our slice of the Willamette Valley is as diverse and hospitable as it is beautiful. However, our communities are growing faster than our emergency service capabilities. With the addition of 1,700 new homes over the next five years and a rapidly increasing call volume, our resources are as taxed as they have ever been.

It is for all these reasons and more that your firefighters are urging our communities to vote YES on 24-433.

Joe Jacobucci

Woodburn Fire District Firefighters

Oregonians for Immigration Reform members shouldn't bite the hands that feed them

In regards to the letter from Mr. Jim Ludwick boasting about his organization's beating of its chest to praise the activist judges, courts and Oregonians for denying Oregonian migrants and our neighbors the privilege of obtaining a driver's license to feed this state and the world (See Readers' Letters on Page A6 of the Sept. 5 edition):

I would just like to remind him that those same migrants he so brazenly brags of defeating merely apply at those states that border Oregon that have no problem issuing migrants a driver's license. Those states don't cut off their noses to spite their face.

How can anyone who expects to feed their own families attack the very people whose labor is employed to feed that family? It is throwing rocks at glass houses.

Migrants are just those seeking the American Dream and will do what he wouldn't do to find it.

Oh, and one other thing: "Illegal aliens" are from outer space and have not yet arrived.

Arnold Ponce


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